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[OWL] Clan

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[OWL] Clan Empty [OWL] Clan

Post by [OWL] Gerald on Wed May 16, 2012 4:03 am

*clears throat*

As of this minute the [OWL] clan is once again active on clanserv. In the past we have existed, but we were banned from this forum for unknown reasons. Our previous comrades Lou and Harold have since stepped down from there respect posts as President and Vice President of the clan, and we are currently without one of each.

I myself am the clan's spokesperson, having been with the clan for a great many years. We believe clanserv treated us unfairly last time and are looking to ratify this problem.

We will say no more. Just beware salute

Yours Truly,

[OWL] Gerald
[OWL] Gerald
[OWL] Gerald

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