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***Forum Rules*** Empty ***Forum Rules***

Post by Sparked on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:08 am

The House Rules
We dont ask for much from you but all we want is a friendly atmosphere so we can promote our excellent reputation so far. We want you to have a great time here and we dont want to bog you down with Rules but we feel the below will create an environment that benefits all and im sure you will appreciate this.

- All posts must be in English
- Spamming is not tolerated. Excessive spamming will mean an Instant Ban.
- Any explicit images that are rude, obscene etc is never allowed. Doing this will result in a severe warning.
- You must respect other members for their views and welcome each other. Any arguing and "point scoring" type arguing will result in warnings for all involved.
- Do not boss about or annoy members of staff. They have kindly given uptime to help promote and keep the forum in good shape. Again, warnings will be given should this happen. If you have a major problem, you MUST contact the Admin only.

Account Rules
- Creating multiple accounts is not allowed and will result in instant bans. We can easily tell if someone is creating a duplicate account so dont even bother! Laughing
- No rude/explicit information should be posted on your profile. It is there to show others who you are in a proper manor.

The Warning System
***Forum Rules*** Green_10 : You have no warnings currently. Keep it up! Very Happy
***Forum Rules*** Yellow10 : You have received your 1st Warning. This maybe removed after 2 weeks upon the teams discretion.
***Forum Rules*** Orange10 : You have received your second warning or your 1st warning (For a more serious offence). You must read the rules again and follow them. This may be removed after 4 weeks upon the teams discretion.
***Forum Rules*** Red_wa10 : Your 3rd and final warning or 1st and final warning for a severe offence. One more problem and you are then banned. These warnings can be in place for as much as 6 weeks, depending upon the teams discretion.
***Forum Rules*** Banned10 : You have been banned. How long this lasts is decided upon the Admin only. Serious offences mean an indefinate ban.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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